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Progen Academy

Progen FC Youth Development Program: Nurturing Future Stars

Progen Academy

Progen FC Youth Development Program: Nurturing Future Stars

At Progen FC, we are dedicated to shaping the next generation of football talent through our meticulously designed Youth Development Program. Our program caters to players of all ages, providing age-appropriate training and guidance to help them excel at every stage of their football journey. Whether your child is just starting out or is already displaying promising skills, our expert coaches are here to provide comprehensive training for players aged Under 4-6, Under 7-9, Under 10-12, and Under 13-19.

Under 4-6 Ages: Fun Foundations

Our youngest players are introduced to the joy of football through imaginative and playful sessions. The focus here is on developing fundamental motor skills, coordination, and fostering a love for the game. Through interactive games, mini-challenges, and age-appropriate drills, our skilled coaches create a positive and engaging environment that lays the foundation for future growth.

Under 7-9 Ages: Skill Building and Basics

In this crucial stage of development, we concentrate on refining basic techniques, ball control, and introducing tactical concepts. Our training sessions blend skill-building exercises with small-sided games to encourage teamwork and decision-making. Players are empowered to express their creativity while also learning the importance of discipline and teamwork on the field.

Under 10-12 Ages: Mastering the Game

At this level, players are immersed in more structured training that delves deeper into tactical understanding and position-specific skills. Our coaching team emphasizes individual player development within the framework of team play. As players refine their techniques, they also learn about game strategy, positioning, and effective communication on the field.

Under 13-19 Ages: Excellence and Aspiration

For aspiring young footballers, our program provides intensive training that challenges players to push their boundaries and reach new heights. The focus shifts towards advanced tactics, mental resilience, and competitive play. Our experienced coaches guide players through intricate drills, high-level conditioning, and match simulations, fostering a well-rounded skill set that prepares them for the demands of professional football.

Under 4-6 Ages

It’s all about getting comfortable with the ball and having a blast while doing it.

Under 7-9 Ages

We mix drills and fun games to help them improve while enjoying teamwork and making new friends.

Under 10-12 Ages

They learn more about how the game works and practice working as a team. It’s a step closer to becoming a confident player.

Under 13-19 Ages

For older players serious about football, we offer intense training.

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